The Sazmining Podcast S1E1: Peter Wall Transcript

Welcome to the Sazmining Podcast. At Sazmining we are bringing you into conversations with today’s industry leaders in blockchain [...]

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The Sazmining Podcast S1E1 Peter Wall

Our Guest: Peter Wall is an alum of both Bishop’s University, and The University of British Columbia. [...]

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A Conversation About Cryptocurrency with Sazmining Inc.

William Szamosszegi, CEO and Founder of Sazmining Inc., discusses his thoughts on the cryptocurrency industry, it’s relationship with [...]

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Energy Companies Can Improve their Bottom Line by Entering Private Purchase Agreements with Cryptocurrency Miners

Energy companies frequently find they have a surplus of electricity relative to demand. This is often referred to as [...]

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Is Crypto-Mining the Solution to Energy Companies’ Curtailment Problems?

Energy companies consistently face curtailment.  Curtailment in the energy industry is the act of reducing or restricting energy delivery [...]

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