Our Vision:

To Empower Individuals through Access to a Sustainably Powered, Decentralized, Open Monetary Network.

William Szamosszegi


William Szamosszegi takes a vision and makes it a reality through consistent intellectual curiosity, technological expertise, and sound strategy development and implementation. He is passionate about the human spirit and aims to support a society where individuals have the opportunity to bring their unique value propositions to others. He proves people are far more capable than they believe, and brings out their creativity and best efforts through his unique ability to connect with and appreciate their unique experiences and expertise. He has built a culture behind the ethos of an idea meritocracy to promote Sazmining’s business initiatives and mission – build a future with decentralized, democratized, transparent monetary governance through our data-processing activities.

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Kent Halliburton


Kent Halliburton’s keen curiosity and passion for building a better future has driven him to Sazmining where he oversees the development of renewable energy driven Bitcoin mining operations. Realizing the inevitability of Bitcoin adoption colliding with declining renewable energy costs led Kent back to a role at the point of the spear in a new emergent sector: renewable energy powered bitcoin mining.