Soheib Ghizali is an MBA graduate from Marquette University who has worked in the financial and banking sector for the last 2 decades. As Associate VP at the National Stock Exchange of the UAE in Dubai he headed the PMO team and was involved in 3 IPOs; EMAAR Malls, Dubai Parks, and Amanat Holdings.

Ghizali is a corporate strategy specialist with strengths in business planning, strategic roadmaps, and investor relations. He has been a product conceptualist and development lead at financial innovation firms iVESTOR Card and Zero mortgage. He has proven himself as an expert at building effective strategies and improving operations in the financial technology industry.

His new role at Sazmining will focus on Investor Relations, Strategy Formation, Fundraising, and Business Operations. He has already begun improving the positioning of Sazmining to be better prepared to take and effectively deploy investments as he works to develop relationships with family offices, VC funds, and institutional investors

Ghizali is a proud father of three loving kids and currently volunteers as an executive director for herbal medicine research and treatment facility specializing in cardiac care.