Dustin Holden will be joining the Sazmining team as its Chief Financial Officer. Holden has spent more than 10 years in accounting/management, most recently serving as the CEO of Andon Financial, a management consulting firm. Dustin brings extensive financial strategy, financial analysis, cost accounting, and management strategy experience.

Holden is a proven leader in accounting process improvements. He applies lean principles to accounting to increase productivity and create additional value-adding activities for businesses. Using financial data Holden has helped develop new initiatives and cost cutting measure to increase profitability.

As the CEO of Andon Financial Holden oversaw all management engagements, development of client KPIs, and Mergers & Acquisitions. Previously he served as CFO of a steel manufacturer, working to implement new technologies, develop financial modeling systems, develop KPIs, company rebranding, and the digital marketing launch.

Holden’s new ambition lies in helping Sazmining shorten its time to funding, enhance it’s financial modeling capability, and business milestones. His strengths of cost accounting in manufacturing environments, consolidations, and profitability analyses will be critical as Sazmining expands its footprint in the cryptocurrency.