On June 4th, Sazmining joined the thousands of people flooding Miami to celebrate Bitcoin and the innovations of cryptocurrency. With over 20 thousand attendees, it was the second largest event of 2021, only after superbowl LLV, and the largest cryptocurrency conference to date. The conference was a medley of people learning, marketing, and partying all under the common theme of Bitcoin. Participating in this conference gave Sazmining the opportunity to interact with the Bitcoin community, hear from some of the most intelligent people in the space and pitch our business to some of the biggest names in Bitcoin.

Sazmining attended the conference as one of the 12 applicants selected for pitch day, and the only crypto mining company. Out of an initial pool of 140, these 12 applicants were given the opportunity to pitch their business to a group of judges, one being Kevin O’Leary and another Tim Draper. Concluding pitch day, Sazmining also ran a booth in the main section of the conference. This allowed us to converse with crypto enthusiasts directly, informing them of the mining industry and Sazmining’s role in this growing market. Bitcoin 2021 was a great experience for Sazmining, it helped our team to not only understand, but immerse ourselves in the ethos of Bitcoin. Through experiences like this, Sazmining’s commitment to securing the network only increases and our emergence as a leader in the mining industry along with it.