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2810, 2021

The Unexpected and Humble Beginnings of Solar Panels, with John Schaeffer & John Perlin

October 28th, 2021|Categories: Podcast|Tags: , |

Today Will speaks with John Schaeffer, an environmentalist, author, entrepreneur, and founder and president of Real Goods Solar, and joining him is John Perlin, the historian of solar energy. This episode covers the history of solar energy panels, what is does for small towns, it's relationship with the cannabis industry, what society needs to change in the coming years, and so much more. Listen to learn more! THIS EPISODE’S SPONSORS: Amerex- https://sazmining.com/amerex/ BlockFi- https://blockfi.com/sazmining TIMESTAMPS: 0:00-10:17 - Introduction & guest's background 10:18-25:43 - Major things that revolutionized the solar industry 25:44-33:10 - What role does sola energy play today in society? 33:11-36:04 - What's stopping [...]

1210, 2021