In an interview recently with Sazmining’s William Szamosszegi, host of the Sazmining Podcast and CEO of Sazmining, William asked Frontier Mining CGO, Kyle Herron, about cryptocurrency mining and blockchain. They also compared the difficulties about GPU mining and Asic mining. Kyle shared some compelling ideas about where he sees the future of crypto-mining.  

To hear this directly from Kyle, along with a broader exploration of regulations, cryptocurrency, and the crypto-mining industry, check out Kyle’s episode of The Sazmining Podcast here. 

Our Guest:

KYLE HERRON graduated from Chapman University with a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic and Corporate Communication. His goal is not to just build a company, he wants to create a movement. As a repeat founder, he is focused on catalyzing independence, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He’s gotten his hands involved in multiple global initiatives. From being a TED Talk speaker at 18, to working with the Malaysian government’s startup program, building apps with underserved communities, helping start more than 50 companies, and to even teaching college classes, this guest continues to support and spread his mission. He is now taking his progressive approach to tackle three emerging areas: environmental degradation, political instability and technological transformation. As the Chief Growth Officer at Frontier Mining he is working to power the internet of trust by enabling people to participate in the blockchain revolution.

Episode Topics:

  • How Kyle started working in the crypto mining industry.
  • Outlooks on the future of the mining industry
  • GPU mining vs ASIC mining
  • Mining difficulties
  • Book recommendations
  • The future of AI
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