In an interview recently with Sazmining’s William Szamosszegi, host of the Sazmining Podcast and CEO of Sazmining, William asked Horizen, co-founder, Rolf Versluis about what sets ZCash apart from other cryptocurrencies. Rolf also shared some compelling ideas about where he sees the future of cryptocurrency and how he got involved in the industry.  

To hear this directly from Rolf, along with a broader exploration of regulations, cryptocurrency, and the crypto mining industry, check out Rolf’s episode of The Sazmining Podcast here.

Our Guest:

Rolf Versluis is an experienced business owner in the IT industry and owns a mid-size mining operation. With prior experience at Cisco systems, the
semiconductor industry, and as a nuclear trained officer in the US Submarine force, Rolf brings leadership, management, and technical operational expertise to the Zen organization.

Episode Topics:

  • How Rolf started working in cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • Outlooks on the future of the mining industry
  • Zero Knowledge Proof benefit
  • Benefit of ASIC Network
  • Current Landscape
  • VR Technologies
  • Submarine Experience
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