On this episode of The Sazmining Podcast CEO of Sazmining, William asked Reneu Energy, CEO, Benoy Thanjan about green energy and how Reneu Energy operates within the industry. Benoy shared some compelling ideas about where he sees the future of renewable energy and how the energy sector ties into crypto mining.  

To hear this directly from Benoy, along with a broader exploration of regulations, clean energy, and the crypto mining industry, check out Benoy’s episode of The Sazmining Podcast below.

Our Guest:

Benoy Thanjan is the founder and CEO of Reneu Energy and he is also an adviser for several solar startup companies. He was the SREC trader in the project finance group for Solar City, which merged with Tesla in 2016. Benoy was the Vice President at Vanguard Energy Partner. He also worked for Ridgewood Renewable power. His extensive financial experience in the renewable energy industry and in the environmental commodities markets.

Episode Topics:

  • How Benoy grew and shaped his career 
  • The projects at Reneu Energy
  • How Reneu structures financing for solar projects
  • The variation in the environmental impact between different types of energy 
  • The pollution impact of solar energy vs. other types of energy
  • A perspective on the shift towards green energy being used more broadly in the future
  • The future technologies that Benoy is excited about such as energy storage
  • Variation in energy policies in the US vs. China
  • The approaches energy companies take to make the most of energy as it’s being generated and still service customers during downtime
  • Curtailment issues within the energy sector and how it ties into crypto-mining
  • How Covid has impacted energy consumption and the industry
  • Legislation surrounding solar energy
  • Getting to know Benoy
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