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Aleksandar Kuzmanovic  achieved great success in both the academic, and commercial world. He is a graduate of ETF Belgrade where he received both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. He later went on to complete his PhD at Rice University. He began his career in Serbia as a System Engineer at Algotech Srbija and later a Research Scientist at IMP-Telecommunications. He then travelled to California where he was a Visiting Researcher at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and Advisor at Narus Inc. He was Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Nanjee Inc.. Today he is both a Professor of Computer Science at Northwestern University and Founder of bloXroute Labs, a Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) that is solving the largest problems that blockchains face today.  

Episode Topics:

  • How he got into blockchain 
  • What are the major components of a blockchain system?
  • What are the challenges that blockchains face?
  • How does bloxroute solve those problems?
  • The future of blockchain
  • What he likes best about teaching?
  • His experiences as a Systems Engineer in Serbia
  • Favorite Movies
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