In this week’s episode, we sat down with Solid Block CMO and Partner, Yael Tamar, for a discussion of the Blockchain and Tokenization industry, check out Yael’s episode of The Sazmining Podcast here. 

Our Guest:

Yael Tamar  is CMO and Partner at SolidBlock, a new fundraising vehicle, offering a compliant global platform for the issuance and trade of digital securities backed by real estate and other assets. Yael is a financial strategist, speaker, advisor, and mentor with over a decade of experience, as well as, a regional co-chair at the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise.

Episode Topics:

  • How Yael grew and shaped her career
  • Tokenization and Security Tokens explanation
  • Utility token v.s Security token
  • Benefit for miners to work with security tokens
  • Regulation
  • Getting to know Yael  
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