In an interview recently with Sazmining’s William Szamosszegi, host of the Sazmining Podcast and CEO of Sazmining, William asked Argo Blockchain, CEO, Peter Wall about how blockchain and cryptocurrency plays well in the industry. Peter shared some compelling ideas about where he sees the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency.  

To hear this directly from Peter, along with a broader exploration of regulations, cryptocurrency, and the blockchain industry, check out Peter’s episode of The Sazmining Podcast here. 

In this episode, you’ll hear Peter and William discuss:

  • How Peter started working in blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • How Peter applies his background in philosophy to blockchain and the work he does today. 
  • The main objectives and factors Peter takes into account when determining where to lead Argo and how he balances the limited history of cryptocurrency with the long term goals of the company. 
  • The differences in leading a public vs. private company.
  • Outlooks on the future of the mining industry
  • Key trends that support a strong future for Bitcoin
  • The concepts of Quantitative Easing and Quantitative Hardening and perspectives on their impact on monetary policy and cryptocurrency
  • Book recommendations
  • The benefits Peter and William have found from mediation
  • Engaging stories from prior roles Peter has held

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