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Sazmining is the leading US based cryptocurrency mining and consulting company that offers a 360 approach to cryptocurrency through joint venture crypto mining projects, consulting services, and treasury management. We are at the forefront of capturing excess and stranded energy such as curtailed wind and solar as well as flare gas to power our proprietary data-processing containers.

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Sazmining is positioned perfectly to bridge the gap between Mining & Energy.

The Problem:

Energy companies waste large amounts of excess/curtailed energy due to a lack of demand. Energy these companies already financed the Capex for & are missing additional revenue, but there is no easy way to control demand.

The Solution:

Sazmining’s turnkey services utilize the excess energy for cryptocurrency mining & substantially increase the revenue for energy companies.

Why Now:

The Energy sector is largely unaware of the benefits that mining can provide. Sazmining is positioned perfectly to bridge the gap between mining & energy.

Our business model provides long term sustainable growth, with incredible risk-adjusted returns.

Full return estimated within 3-5 years:

  • We have the necessary connections established to the Oil & Gas industry for large amounts of cheap power through JVs, Partnerships & Energy Brokers.
  • We have the expertise to turn capital investments into efficient mining operations that can generate large cash-flow.
  • We have the banking expertise to put together an investment offering (PPM) & communicate with institutional investors.
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