Put your Excess Energy to work. 

Bitcoin Mining depends heavily on energy, and that is good news for energy companies. Sazmining strives to educate the energy industry on the benefits of cryptocurrency mining, to implement infrastructure that eliminates energy waste, and increase profits.

Sazmining is positioned perfectly to bridge the gap between Mining & Energy.

The Problem:

Energy companies waste large amounts of excess/curtailed energy due to a lack of demand. Energy these companies already financed the Capex for & are missing additional revenue, but there is no easy way to control demand.

The Solution:

Sazmining’s turnkey services utilize the excess energy for cryptocurrency mining & substantially increase the revenue for energy companies.

Why Now:

The Energy sector is largely unaware of the benefits that mining can provide. Sazmining is positioned perfectly to bridge the gap between mining & energy.

Sazmining is a member of the United States Energy Association. We work to understand the needs of the energy industry, eliminate wasted power, provide education about cryptocurrency mining, and help shape the future of cryptocurrency and energy in the United States and globally.

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