Beyond mining, Sazmining helps navigate the financial aspects of cryptocurrency management. Our investment banking experience coupled with industry expertise allow us to approach treasury management from every possible angle. From custody to financial modeling, our team is ready to help you maxmining your mined cryptocurrency..

Custody Management Solutions

Maintaining secure and protected custody of your assets is critical. We can assist in securing digital assets using best practices, including multisig wallets & cold storage practices, while exceeding enterprise level custodial standards.

Wallet Setup & Management

Understanding how a cryptocurrency wallet works and setting one up is a necessity. We can help you choose the correct wallet that provides a balance between convenience & security.


Each cryptocurrency coin or token has its own protocol. Once you determine which cryptocurrency to mine or hold, you need to utilize the entire process of managing that crypto. We can help you every step of the way.

OTC Liquidations

We help clients who need to liquidate large amounts of BTC in bulk at rates that are more favorable than traditional exchanges, which can struggle to handle large volume sales at favorable pricing and optimal timing.

Increasing Earning Potential

Our partners have lending options that allow miners to use Bitcoin as collateral. They also have savings accounts available which allow miners to earn interest on their mined crypto.

How to Earn Interest on Crypto

Our partners have lending options that allow miners to use Bitcoin as collateral. They also have savings accounts available which allow miners to earn interest on their mined crypto. This helps maximize gains and adds predictability to earnings and cash flow.

Borrowing with Crypto as Collateral

Miners can use crypto as collateral on loans through our partners. This provides miners with liquid capital without needing to liquidate their crypto holdings.



Our team consistently analyses the crypto markets to forecast trends and set strategy. Our insight helps miners make decisions on holding vs. selling mined crypto and purchasing equipment. In volatile markets, optimizing in these areas can greatly impact monthly revenues.

Locking in Gains

There is more to locking in gains than just selling Bitcoin once it is appreciated in price. Options strategies as well as lending and saving accounts can be used to maximize returns on mined crypto.


Bitcoin options can be used to predict cash flow up to 6 months out, lock in earnings for Bitcoin not yet mined, adjust the risk level to fit strategic goals, take a proactive stance towards volatility, unlock latent liquidity, and increase overall mobility.


BTC Forecasting

We understand the important of forecasting BTC when it comes to your financial reports. Our team analyzes price and usage trends as well as social, political, and environmental impacts in our forecasts that can be applied to your financial reports.

Unrealized Gains

It can be tricky to understand what to do with unrealized gains. We aid clients in determining their unrealized gains, how to properly report them, and how to maximize them.

Capital Gains

It’s important for miners to properly recognize and report capital gains. We help our clients to understand how to realize gains and report them correctly.

Asset Balance

As a new operation it’s easy to lose control of your asset balance especially when you’re mining more than just bitcoin. The USD value of all your assets constantly fluctuates. We help our clients become accustomed to this fluctuation and understand their balances.

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